Corgi Spirits at the Jersey City Distillery

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Corgi Spirits is a New-Jersey-based, small-batch, craft distillery, which opened its doors in 2017.  Its brand and distinctive logo (a Corgi dog wearing a royal crown) were inspired by its founder’s fascination with all things British, his love of animals and fine spirits, and his commitment to giving back. Corgis, like the brand, are playful and fun, yet have a regal quality to them. Of course they do— it is the breed owned by the Queen of England. Their owners are as passionate about their pups, as Corgi Spirits is about its products.


Founded by Bob Hagemann, owned with his parents Bob and Nancy, and led by a small group of dedicated employees who feel like family, Corgi Spirits is truly a family-run business. It is the first and only distillery in Jersey City and Hudson County, New Jersey. Jersey City is recognized as the most diverse mid-sized city in the United States. Corgi Spirits wants its spirits to be unique and inspiring, just like its home, and its team members are constantly experimenting and challenging themselves to delight guests with exceptional products and service. 

For Corgi Spirits, it is important to engage with, and give back to, the communities it serves. A portion of profits is donated to local animal rescue groups and Hudson Pride Center. The tasting room and outdoor patio serve as a hub for the community, providing space for charity events, and promoting local business partners. Corgi Spirits offers tours, tastings, handcrafted cocktails, educational events, and serves as a unique venue for private events, celebrations, and meetings. Corgi Spirits invites you to try its unique spirits, and stop in to say hi when you’re in the area.