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The Playground at Caesars, an exciting nightlife, retail and dining destination, awaits you on Atlantic City's boardwalk. Built on a 900 foot pier over the Atlantic Ocean, Locals and visitors alike can now enjoy the ultimate nightlife, shopping and dining experience.

New music outlets featured on T-Street, offer an exciting nightlife experience not offered anywhere else in Atlantic City. The prom dates, misfits, jocks, and valedictorians of our younger years are more connected than ever. In an era where digital connection forms the basis for collaboration, the leaders of tomorrow still itch for a place to come together on new business ventures and retell old stories of reckless adolescence over a casual drink at the bar. The bonds that formed long ago in the schoolyard are rekindled and enhanced again at the Playground. Tethered by the Monkey Bar, the central axis of the first floor, a series of five music pubs extend out over the ocean in vintage style. Inspired by the nation's iconic streets of Broadway in Nashville and Beale St in Memphis, TStreet in Atlantic City offers something the others just don't have: the ocean!

With retail stores from in-demand designers and restaurants from some of the East Coast’s most renowned restaurateurs, this entertainment complex is the ultimate destination for Atlantic City shopping and dining.

Featured stores include Burberry, Gucci and Tiffany & Co. While you’re at The Playground, enjoy a meal at eateries like Buddakan, Phillips Seafood, Continental and more. Be sure to visit Level 3 for some of the most striking views in all of Atlantic City!