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We’re a retail and wholesale bakery specializing in handcrafted dough, extraordinary toppings and fantastically mischievous doughnuts.

Our bakery is not about doughnuts, it’s about dough. When you *really* love dough, you embrace the ancient art of supreme patience and waking up at 3am. We live for fermentation bubbles, mother feeding, crumb structure, the unbridled joy of folding, rolling, proofing, and the sweet reward from a job well done.

Our FIRST EVER doughnuts include Rainbow Pride, Poop Emoji, RBG, Vegan Sourdough, Butterbeer and yeasted carrot cake. We’ve been tweeted and shared by many celebs including Lin Manuel Miranda, Amy Poehler and Martha Stewart. And we’ve been featured in the New York Times, WSJ, People Magazine, Forbes, the Food Network, CNN, Inside Edition, PBS….(and more, but we’ve run out of space)

Rachel Wyman

(Inventor of the 36-hour Slownut)

Owner, author, runner, and CDO (Chief Doughnut Officer), Rachel has a storied history in bread baking and recipe creation for major bakeries. She’s an award-winning doughnut baker, with a passion for dough, a knack for flavor and a talent for innovation.