Vesta Wood Fired Pizza

64 Hoboken Rd East Rutherford

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Here at Vesta, you will taste wonderfully baked pizza made in handmade wood fired ovens with passion and artisanship by experienced pizzaioli. Our traditional Italian dishes are created with an innovative approach. We look forward to welcoming you to a space that combines the comfortable ambience of a neighborhood

Vesta is dedicated to serving superior quality food and service in the most hospitable, value-oriented.

In ancient Rome, Vesta was the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family. Vesta’s presence was symbolized by the sacred fire that burned at her hearth and temple. The temple of Vesta was the only temple in ancient Rome to be built in a round shape and covered with a dome to protect the sacred fire from rain. Food was prepared and eaten at her hearth with offerings being thrown into the fire to seek omens from the way they burned. Vesta’s fire burned and was guarded at her Temples by her priestesses, the Vestales until 391, when the Emperor Theodosius I forbade public pagan worship.