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iFLY is an empowering adventure for friends and families. We offer birthday parties, customized corporate events, and unique team building opportunities. We even specialize in STEM field trips for students K-12+. Groups of all sizes with participants as young as three years old can experience the thrill of flying. No experience is necessary, and participants of all abilities are welcome.

iFLY creates a true free-fall experience without jumping out of a plane. Our vertical wind tunnel generates a wall-to-wall cushion of air you will safely float on. No parachute required – it’s just you, an iFLY certified instructor, and the power of the wind! You’ll feel a sense of freedom you’ve never felt before. What are you waiting for? Book your first flight!

The more time you spend in the wind, the higher you fly! Progress your skills and pursue a passion in the growing sport of indoor bodyflight. Our instructors can design a training program to help you advance your flying skills. iFLY also offers opportunities to get involved in local flight leagues and and events to help you to meet other participants and build your skills. Ultimately, you can compete in competitions that may include freestyle and formation flying.